Past-life Regression Therapy and Life Between Lives Therapy are based on the understanding of our true identity being the eternal undying soul. The soul evolves through experience on the physical plane in many different situations and bodies. The journey of the soul is vast and yet in any particular lifetime we think our life situations arise from the present only. But there are always roots to our behaviors, emotional and mental patterns, also physical problems that can be traced to previous existences. On the soul level, with the help of our guides we choose what we need to focus on in each lifetime to continue our growth. The exploration of past-lives can open up a wider understanding of the world, your spiritual viewpoint and transform your understanding of yourself and your relationship to others.

Past-life Regression therapy has so many applications, it can be used as a way to view places and times of interest, to affirm and recover positive life skills from the past, to resolve issues and understand relationships in the present, to heal seemly unsolvable physical and emotional issues in the present. Most importantly, one can experience their true nature and the unconditional love of those higher dimensions. I offer another kind of regression session called Life Between Lives. It will change your perception of what you consider your reality and give a deep sense of peace and joy. The intention being to understand the soul’s journey and to deeply experience the dimension of spirit world, meet spirit guides, soul mates and experience the profound feeling of the continuity of the soul’s being and relationship to the Divine, Please go to the links provided to get more information.