Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives Therapy:

This is a unique hypnosis technique developed by Dr. Micheal Newton.  In his psychotherapy practice he discovered while taking a client into a past life, that they spontaneously went into a superconscious state of mind that allowed them to experience their existence in spirit world.  He perfected this technique and did thousands of sessions focusing on the soul in spirit world. His life’s work can be reviewed in his books, “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”.  The focus of this work is on the soul’s journey, after death, in spiritual dimensions beyond the physical plane.  With a very deep trance level, the client is able to reconnect with their soul group, those very beloved and familiar souls who have traveled together in many earthly incarnations. One can discover their reasons for their present life, connect with their guides, find out how they chose this body for the present life, meet with a Council of Elders ( very wise old souls who no longer reincarnate) to have a life review and focus awareness for future lifetimes.

Benefits of Life Between Lives Therapy:

  • Discover the purpose of this lifetime
  • Widen awareness of the undying nature of existence
  • Meet with beloved souls who are in your soul group
  • Connect with your spirit guides who have been with you for millennium
  • Feel the true nature of the higher realms, unconditional love that supports all else
  • Feel empowered, knowing you have chosen this lifetime purposefully and have the power to make your own reality.

How to prepare for a LBL session:  It is recommended to experience past-life regression prior to having a LBL session.  This helps you to become comfortable with the process and gain a sense of how information comes to you.  A period of a couple of weeks should be allowed to process the PL session before doing LBL.  For the LBL session create a brief list of questions you would like answered.   Write a list of a “cast of characters” from your past and present life.  Include family members, friends, teachers, mentors, lovers, adversaries. Include anyone who was important to you and helped shape your life.  List their name, their relationship to you, and a brief explanation of how you feel about them.   Wear comfortable loose clothing and eat very lightly with little caffeine intake.

Life Between Lives session is 4 hours long and the cost is $275 and the session is recorded.


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