About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a natural state that you have been in literally thousands of times, for example, as you drift into sleep, as you awaken, when you daydream, whenever you put yourself on “automatic pilot” while performing a routine task such as driving.  In past-life sessions the therapist will help you achieve a state of deep relaxation while being mentally many times more alert than in the fully conscious state.  This is the Theta level of brainwave activity that allows the subconscious mind to be activated, while the conscious mind is still present.

There are many misconceptions about what hypnotherapy entails. Many people have seen stage hypnotherapy where a person is at the deepest level of trance called Delta. In this stage the person’s conscious awareness is submerged and the stage therapist gives suggestions to the person that will be triggered when the person is returned to consciousness. Anyone seeing this would assume hypnotherapy meant a loss of control.  This is NOT what happens in a past-life session.  It is actually self- hypnosis, where the client consents to an altered state and with the help of the therapist determines the depth of that state. The client is consciously aware of the present (and fully in control) and at the same time aware of information coming up from the deeper levels of mind called the subconscious.  The client is in charge of themselves and cannot be made to do anything against their beliefs or desires.  The subconscious mind contains all the experiences of the soul’s journey, including present life, all the way back to the womb, all past lives, time in higher dimensions, levels of spirit world, interaction with soul groups, guides, and council of Elders.

As this information comes up to the client, it can be images, sounds, feeling in the body, or just a knowing or imagining. They describe the experience to the therapist who helps guide the client to important points in that lifetime to work with any unresolved emotion or belief systems  of that lifetime.  This is the deepest level of healing, literally at the root of the problem. Everything the client experiences in the session will be remembered and a cd is always given for later review.

The more experience a person has in meditation, visualizing or deep relaxation the easier the sessions will be.  But almost everyone is able to have memories come up, sometimes from earlier in the current lifetime.  The most important thing is to have on open mind and allow whatever comes up to be valid and true while in the session.