My Story

I was raised in southern California and had early awareness of other levels of being.  I once tried to talk to my grandmother about the nature of the soul, but as a 10 year old I didn’t have the verbal skills I have now!  Anyway, that level of awareness has always been my priority and in my college years while studying fine art (BA ) I was drawn to the growing spiritual awareness coming to light at that time.  It led me into a search for a spiritual path and a teacher who could give guidance to self realization.  After a deep prayer I was led to the pathway I have been practicing for over 40 years.  This pathway is from India, and has involved intense meditation practice for many, many years.  These practices have developed sensitivity and intuition that have been part of my work as a healer and a facilitator of the spiritual journey.  I have had a healing practice (LMT, RPP, RCST) for 27 years doing many types of energy healing and bodywork modalities.

In the early 1990’s I had a number of healing sessions that led me to study Past-life work.  I first experienced a crystal healing that brought up buried memories from this lifetime to the surface. Fortunately, I then found a past life therapist to work with. The past-life work helped me  understand the karma being worked out, through looking at my past-life relationships of my present mother and father.  Working back through many lifetimes with each parent to the eventual “perpetrator” lifetime where I had the power and abused it brought a deep understanding of the universal law of karma…”as you sow, so shall you reap” and a way of healing and letting go.

After these personal healing experiences, in 1994 I began to study with Dr. Coletta Long.  She is a clinical psychologist who has over 25 years of using past-life regression in her practice.  Over that time she has evolved many unique techniques to help her clients go deeply into their past-lives and clear the blocks of the past. I studied for two years at Dr. Long’s Inner Guidance Psychotherapy Center. I have certification as a hypnotherapist (CHT) , a regression therapist and advanced past-life regression therapist (CPLT).  In my training I have been regressed over 40 times and have experienced the work from the inside, very deeply.  I have also studied with Dr.Roger Woolger, and in 2002 have studied personally with Dr. Micheal Newton in his Life between Lives work and am certified by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists as a Life between Lives Therapist.

I feel very blessed to do this work, as I have seen personally and in others I’ve worked with how healing and transformational it can be.