Client Testimonials: Past-Life Regression

Smiling really helped me move beyond my fear of being successful. I had no idea why I was holding myself back from my own prosperity and happiness in relationships.   With Smiling’s encouragement and support, I worked with a very intense and frightening lifetime, and was able to release the deep emotions and resolve a catch-22 type of mental pattern that had been still manifesting in my present life.  It was amazing to go through the death experience of that personality and be able to see the ways I was manifesting those patterns and change them. Also loved being in touch with my guides and higher self.   This work has really helped me make changes and my life continues to improve.   P.B.

I came to have a past-life session because I was having panic attacks. These would happen at work, or in the car; I was in dread of them.  Smiling was very calm and provided a great orientation before going into the hypnosis. I was able to be regressed back  to a lifetime where the first thing I saw  was myself as a man, being taken by two big men, who looked like Romans, into a dark cave.  I said, “ I just know they are going to put me into that coffin”  Smiling immediately had me go to an earlier time in that lifetime and then we moved forward until we came to the cause of the coffin incident.  I had strangled my wife because she betrayed me with another man.  At that point we worked to release the rage I felt, then we went forward to the time the Roman–type men came…  They were my wife’s brothers.  They put me in that coffin and I died there.  We worked to release all the fear, despair and anguish that had been trapped in my subconscious as a “frozen block” of energy .   From a higher place after the death,  much more healing happened. I also got in touch with my higher self and felt at peace.  In conclusion it was worth every bit of effort, as I no longer experience the panic attacks. D.W.

In my curiosity about other lifetimes and other places to reincarnate I asked Smiling to take me to a lifetime, If I had ever lived in the constellation of Orion.  As the regression went forward I saw myself in an odd environment walking besides a huge pipeline.  When asked to describe the body, I realized I was a 14’ high insectoid being, very intelligent and was an engineer.  In exploring that incarnation and the society I lived in, I found it was very structured and very peaceful.  Everyone had a place and a job and was happy doing it.  The beings lived to be 200 years old and at the end of their lives were in charge of the nursery where the young were brought forth from eggs.  I was amazing to experience this other reality that my soul had lived.  I totally expanded my concept of the places and different bodies a soul can occupy.  J.S.

When I was growing up I had a very disturbing relationship with my brother.  For no reason he would become very violent with me, be very angry and had actually held a knife at my throat.  Many years later when I met Smiling,  I had an opportunity to have a session with the intention of trying to understand where this behavior came from. Focusing on my brother as  I pictured him in this lifetime, she directed my subconscious mind to go to a previous life we had shared together.  In that lifetime we were in ancient Egypt.  I was a very self- absorbed, arrogant woman, who was part of the upper nobility.  I had many slaves, but one was very handsome and I took him as my lover. When asked to look into his eyes and identify him, I knew he was my brother in the present.  As we went forward in the lifetime to the event that had caused the problem in this lifetime, I saw that I had in that lifetime become bored with him and irritated at his attachment to me, so I sent him to hard labor in the mines.  I never saw him again in that lifetime.  We worked then with some of the guilt at the soul level and established an energy link with my brother to send healing love.  D.H.

I had wanted to know if I’d ever had a really great relationship ever, because presently I haven’t had many successful relationships. In going back I saw myself in some ancient lifetime as a woman.  We were very poor, just farmers in some Asian country, but my husband and I were amazing happy!  It was wonderful to experience the joy and simplicity of that lifetime.  After experiencing that, Smiling asked my subconscious mind to take me to what was blocking me now from a loving relationship.  I had been a very abusive man in a recent past life and on the soul level I was blocking myself out of guilt.  We worked with releasing that emotion and affirming to the soul, that I had learned to be more loving and balanced.  I am now visualizing a wonderful relationship coming in my near future. S.T.

I had wanted to see a lifetime of prosperity, where I had been very successful.  In the session I went back to a time in the early 1900’s where I first saw myself in a boardroom.  When directed to go outside, I looked around the city and said, “Yes I own all this “meaning a lot of the city.  Smiling helped me find feelings of confidence and personal power and anchored them in the body now. I feel this session helped me achieve success with my business that I started a couple of years after this session. I also went to my house in that lifetime and found out that my son then is my brother now. Which explains a lot of our present day dynamics.  G.K.

I came to have a past –life session not knowing what to expect.  During the first part of the hypnotherapy I went back to a memory when I was 2 ½ years old.  My parents were moving to another town and they told me I couldn’t take “pupsie” with me.  I was absolutely heart broken, lot’s of crying.  “Pupsie” was my invisible friend, and evidently embarrassed my parents quite a bit. I agreed to let “Pupsie” go, but felt extremely sad and alone.  With Pupsie I felt love and that I had a friend. With Smiling’s help I was able to understand that my “little girl” felt very alone and isolated with a military critical father and a cold and distant mother.  I was able to heal her with the light and release patterns of anxiety that had come forward from that time. C.W.

Case Histories: Life Between Lives

I really had no idea how amazing this session was going to be!  I met a soul mate right away at the entry to a higher dimension.  There is no way to describe the joy and thrill of meeting again.  While there in that space that was infinitely vast without physical limitations, all of a sudden, a hologram of my current spiritual teacher’s face appeared from above.  He said, “ So, there you are, I’ll see you later.”   Considering I’d entered this experience from my most recent past life, I hadn’t even met him yet!  It really showed me the undying connection we have with our teachers and guides.  The deep love I felt was overwhelming.  As we moved forward to meeting my soul group there was a sweetness to seeing these souls again, I realized they didn’t contain my present mother and father who seemed to be in another less personal group.  There was a lot of information about the relationships in the soul group and other lifetimes.  When I was preparing for this currant lifetime, I got to see three different choices of who I could reincarnate as.  All had different agendas with different abilities and challenges.  There were two women and one man.  I chose the woman who had the most spiritual orientation.  Once choosing her, I saw some of the main issues in this lifetime and some of the key players. I can say for sure, the session was very enlightening and valuable.  C.S.


The experience was awesome, I felt very safe and guided the whole time.  It was weird to experience being pulled up after I left the past life I was in.  I went through some fear, but Smiling reassured me and I continued to a portal like place of entry. Going forward it’s hard to describe the dimensions of where I was, or how I felt in my energy body. But when I was back with my soul group it was probably the best feeling I’ve ever had.  The feeling of belonging and safety was wonderful.  I recognized several souls there who I have in my life now.  We worked with our guides to see what possible challenges we could overcome in our time on Earth in this lifetime.  Also I learned a lot about a new direction I could take developing an interest I haven’t worked with yet.  When I met the council of elders I was amazed and inspired by their being, absolutely loving, but not holding back any on their evaluation of my current lifetime.  I was told I needed to be courageous and move forward with creative energy to achieve my potential. That I could waste some of my opportunities in this lifetime, if I didn’t meet this challenge.  Coming back from all that, I feel uniquely different, connected to a greater reality.  I now feel supported  and encouraged to start my work.  N.K.