Age Regression and Past-Life Regression

Age Regression  is a guided form of self-healing.  It is the mental act of going back to an earlier time, in order to retrieve and clear frozen blocks of energy held in the subconscious mind.  These painful, fear full memories, limiting beliefs or physical ailments can be released and a greater degree of health and wellbeing attained.   This state is achieved through hypnosis, a therapeutic trance which is a combination of physical relaxation and mental concentration. The client is guided to process their own experiences just as they occurred in the past.  With the help of the therapist, the client can discover, work through and release adverse and limiting conditions from earlier in their present life.

Age Regression session lasts 2 1/2 hours, The cost is $150.  The session is recorded

Past-life Regression:  Using the therapeutic techniques of regression therapy, the level of healing can be deepened. The problems of the current lifetime can be traced back to formative causes in earlier lifetimes.  This reliving of the past allows the therapist and client to work together as a team to locate the exact lifetime and circumstances that have created the patterns, belief systems, or emotional blocks that need to be cleared. Working at that level, amazing healing can happen. Problems that have been holding the client hostage can be cleared and lead to a happier, more balanced life.  Also the work can release more energy and resources to help the client achieve their highest potential in this lifetime. In most sessions the client is also taken to experience a lifetime of heightened awareness of spirit or the light.  This can be any kind of experience, the essence is the feeling of love and connection to the higher self.  This new awareness can used to heal energy blocks in the body.

Past-life Regression can also be used to explore other aspects of the soul’s development, lifetimes of prosperity, creativity, spiritual awareness, interest in knowing people previously, or interest in periods of history.

Past-life Regression can help you:

  • Change negative patterns, addictions, and habits.
  • Understand and release unexplained fears, anger, grief, guilt and anxiety.
  • Realize your potential and gifts
  • Understand your relationships and their karmic implications.
  • Heal physical problems that have their roots in the past.
  • Get in touch with spirit guides, experience higher states of awareness.
  • Recover skills from previous lifetimes and reintegrate them.

How to prepare for the session:   I will ask you to have written a few questions that you want answered or an intention for the work.  Dress in loose comfortable clothes, have eaten very lightly, very little caffeine.  The session lasts for 3 hours and is in three parts.  First, there is an orientation to the work and brief personal history taken.  This is where we clarify what you need out of the session.  Next is the actual regression work, usually lasting 2 hours, then when you are fully awake we discuss what you experienced and integrate the new understanding into your conscious mind.

Past-life Regression session is 3 hours and the cost is $180.  The session is recorded.